Monday, August 13, 2007

Kabaddi is the sport of india.
A sport that originated deveoped and flourished in india.
Today kabaddi is becoming more and more popular by each pasing day.

Kabaddi has a distinguished place among the disciplines included in the Asian games and hopefully would soon be included in the Olympic games.

The world cup kabaddi has also started.
Countries like USA ,Canada,Japan are showing great interest in kabaddi.

This is a very positive sign.


kabaddi said...

long live kabaddi

I B Singh said...

The kabaddi is of indian origin & our central govt should encourage this game by offering schollerships & all other facilities to the players.In schools & colleges it must be given top priority as is given to other sports.

Physical Therapy Supplies said...

I love kabaddi very much. I am playing this game since 1995, when I was only 9 years old. This is a popular Indian game.
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Chris James said...

Kabaddi is the unique world sport now.We must give more attention for playing this game in schools & colleges.